Using TAPICall with FRITZ!Box

If you want to use TAPICall with a FRITZ!Box, here you will find informations how it will be configured. If you have any questions please feel free to call us.

How to set up the FRITZ!Box

Open the configuration menu of your FRITZ!Box, by typing in your Browser.
Go to the menu "System" and there to the submenu "FRITZ!Box-Benutzer".

Fritz!Box einrichten für TAPICall

Click on the Button "Benutzer hinzufügen". Type in a Usernamen and a password for the new user, be carefull, that at least the rights "Sprachnachrichten, Faxnachrichten, FRITZ!App Fon und Anrufliste" are given.

After the user was created, move to "Anmeldung im Heimnetz" and set the checkbox "Anmeldung mit FRITZ!Box-Benutzernamen und Kennwort" and remove the checkbox at "Ausfürung bestimmter Einstellungen und Funktionen zusätzlich bestätigen".

Now there will show up a dialog, please follow these steps.

After that please activate the phone dialer of your FRITZ!Box. Therefore navigate to "Telefonie->Anrufe->Wählhilfe" and set the checkbox at &
Wählhilfe aktivieren".

Make sure that the call monitor is swiched on. Therefore call the key combination #96*5* on a phone which is connected to the FRITZ!Box.

How to set up TAPICall

Start TAPICall. Click on the telephonesymbol in the tray then click on "Settings". In this menu move to "Telephony". Choose "Connect TAPICall to your FRITZ!Box for placing calls and recieving call info (no TAPI)" then click on the "Plus"-Button.

Now TAPICall will show up a users guidance, please follow these steps

If you need any help, please call: +49 (6422) 89800-50, for advice.